Lawrence and Music

Lawrence and Music
Music played a very important part in the life of author D.H.Lawrence. He loved to get a group of family and friends together and lead them in singing folk songs, ballads, hymns, choruses and operatic excerpts.
An enthusiastic concert-goer, he had a natural ear for music together with a “photographic memory” for it - often demonstrated when he taught “parts” from memory to his singing friends.
There are many musical references in his writings.

The essay “Lawrence and Music” by Les Emmans
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explores this aspect of Lawrence’s life.
It was first published in the Journal of the D.H.Lawrence Society
 Vol. 4 No. 1. in 1986.

Peggy Needham

This site is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Needham, Lawrence’s niece “Peg” who provided much of the information for the above article.
More items of interest will be added to this site as time permits.

Picture:© Les Emmans

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